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economy and what each side would do to fix that situation. president obama and governor romney each had a chance to explain what would happen to your taxes they were in charge. >> the question is not where we have been but where we are going. >> it's going to take a different path, not one x have been on, not the one the president described as a top down cut taxes for the rich. that not what i'm going to do. >> it's not possible to come up with enough loopholes for individuals to avoid raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. >> there will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> i will take ideas from anybody, democrat or republican as long as they are advancing the cause of making middle class families stronger and giving opportunities to middle class. >> i have got five boys. i'm used to people saying something that not always true but repeating it hoping i will believe it. i will not reduce the taxes paid by high income americans. >> we do better when the middle class is doing well. by giving them those tax cuts they have more money in their pocket so maybe they can buy
on the offensive. a more measured governor romney as we went into the initial moments last night. but the showdown moved on to pretty tense exchanges we haven't seen from the last couple of debates. >> we're talking about the middle east and how to help the middle east reject the kind of terrorism we're seeing and rising tide of tumult and confusion and attacking me is not an agenda. >> we have things called aircraft carriers where planes land land on them. ships that go under water and nuclear submarines. so the question is not, a game of battleship where we're counting ships. it is, what are our capabilities. >> you went to the middle east and you flew to egypt and to saudi arabia and to turkey and iraq. and, by the way, you skipped israel. our closest friend in the region but you went to the other nations. and by the way, they noticed that you skipped israel. >> a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest go owe political threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda, russia. 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back. the cold war is over for 20 years. >> congrat
. fox news alert a surge in the polling puttings mitt romney on top in the race for the white house. "pew research poll"ing shows since the debate last week, mitt romney leaping ahead of president obama. what a swing that is, 49-45%. keep in mind that is likely voters too. you have to ask a few more questions to figure out whether you're registered voter or likely voter. likely voter polls are more accurate in the end. look who is back here. martha: hello, everybody. bill: celebrating columbus day. martha: i always do. thank goodness he discovered the country. good morning i'm martha maccallum. mitt romney ahead of the president but wiping out the double digit lead with women voters. you remember what that used to be. bill: republican nominee continues to press on this issue, that's the economy. >> can we afford four more years like the last four years? he wants another stimulus. how did that first one work out? and then, he wants to pick winners and losers among companies, or losers in his case and then, of course he wants to hire more government workers. look, all of these things
it started with the president taking responsibility for the security failures. governor romney chimed in looking for answers. watch some of this. >> when it comes to this issue i say we'll find out exactly what happened, everybody will be held accountable and i am ultimately responsible for what is taking place there because these are my folks, and i'm the one who has to greet those coffins when they come home. >> i think the president said correctly the buck does stop at his desk and he takes responsibility for that, for the failure in providing those security resources and those terrible things may well happen from time to time. there were many days that passed before we knew whether this was a spontaneous demonstration or whether it was a terrorist attack. and there was no demonstration involved and it was a terrorist attack and it took a long time for that to be told to the american people. but what i find more troubling than that, on the day following the assassination of a united states ambassador, the first time that has happened since 1979, when, when we have four ameri
. stuart varney. martha. martha: governor romney highlighting the economy on the campaign trail. he is set to deliver his closing arguments on that today in two critical swing states. governor romney will deliver a peach on the economy in ames, iowa. and then head to a critical battleground ohio at north canton ohio. ryan will go to north carolina and al obama before meeting up with the governor in the buckeye state. the polls show neck-and-neck race for the iowa's six electoral votes. romney hopes the speech will win over some voters. john roberts is there. good morning. what can we expect from governor romney's closing argument today? >> reporter: hi, martha. talking about the economy, deficit, federal spending according to his campaign. here in ames, iowa talk about the struggles, the fact that we can't keep borrowing and spending our way to debt. the basic message from governor romney today and rest of the campaign he knows how to create jobs and grow the economy. according to a "washington post" poll out yesterday, people agree with him. voters give him a nine point advantage over pre
and was covered extensively at the time. they blame mitt romney and his allies. the only thing wrong about this is we should -- they call these desperate attacks. bill: we are going to talk to ben lebolt later in the hour. their is enormous pressure on both sides. bret baier is the anchor of special report. the cohost of tonight's special debate coverage on the fox news channel. here is the figure. what you are hear being how this speech plays into tonight's debate if at all. >> reporter: here on the ground's not factoring in as far as the debate prep, as far as being a factor in the debate. it's not believed to be a question. it's probably not going to be something that's brought up by one of the two candidates. is it setting the table? is it what some people are talking about? i'm standing on a platform with a lot of different media and everybody next to me talking about it this morning. does that affect things? sure. does it bring reverend jeremiah wright back into the picture? yes. is that a bad fling for the obama campaign? probably. because as you remember he was the pastor for then
to go. it is truly a sprint to the finish at this point. president obama and governor romney working to visit as many swing states as they can. governor in colorado, ohio do. and then he will cross paths with president visiting iowa, colorado, california and navy as well. both will be in ohio which is huge focus of course. governor romney and the president hitting each other pretty hard on this battle ground brits. here is a piece of it. >> what you're seeing from the obama campaign is incredibly shrinking campaign. the president is out of ideas. he is out of excuses. in november you will make sure he is out of office. [cheers and applause] >> we know we're not where we need to be, not here, not anywhere but we've made real progress. we've got to build on that progress. we can't go back to what got us into this mess. we need to move forward with what is getting us out of this mess and that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. [applause] martha: we've chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. the first stop is davenpor
obama, governor romney, squaring off in the third and final faceoff tonight in the debate that could tilt the race in a whole new direction, because tomorrow when you wake up you're two weeks away from america's big vote. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom.". martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. tonight will be the last time the president and governor will be on the same stage. focus tonight is foreign policy truly a topic that could not be any hotter. bill: both sides debating the administration's actions before and after the terror attack in libya. republican senator lindsey graham on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. saying the white house reaction to it is one for the ages. >> i'm totally convinced this will go down in history as one of the most major breakdowns of national security in a very long time. bill: to florida we go and senior national correspondent john roberts live at lynn university, boca raton, the site of tonight's debate. good morning. >> reporter: bill, good morning to you. libya and the situation at the consulate
showdown only days away. new poll numbers show governor romney with a post-debate bump. paul ryan getting ready for the faceoff against joe biden in the next big debate. i'm bill hemmer here. martha has the day off. >> i'm patti ann browne in for mart maing that -- martha maccallum. a veteran political strategist says joe biden will be going for the throat. >> they will be pouring cola down his throat. they will react. because they will have a couple days of bad polling. ryan has very impressive but hasn't done this before. biden who is high-wire act in attack mode which is not always his normal place. bill: joe cola. fox news contributor, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: you believe this is huge opportunity for romney-ryan, why? >> it is. romney set the stage for the dominant victory over the president in the first presidential debate. that changed the story of the whole campaign. if you have ryan defeating the vice president joe biden it would really create a story of obama-biden on the ropes. and, romney-ryan on the move. bill: the way mike murphy explains it, republic
can turn his wonkiness, his mastery of numbers into something like mitt romney in the first debate to empathy and personalize it. bill: everybody is on record what they expect. you talk about the expectations. everybody lowballs the stuff including to the president to a degree. here is what he said on abc with diane sawyer. >> i think joe needs to be joe. congressman ryan is a smart and effective speaker but his ideas are the wrong ones. bill: hang onto that word ideas because it will come up a lot tonight. we have not seen joe biden in six days. >> yeah. six days off the campaign trail because he is studying. he is cramming. he is doing debate prep. that is quite something. you know, in the wake of the president's debate, first debate with mitt romney, there has been this back and forth. we've heard just bits and pieces of this debate performance between joe biden and his debate sparring partner which is congressman chris van hollen from maryland, who is by the way the ranking member of the house budget committee and knows paul ryan very well. but he has been doing a lot of practi
apparently used choice words to describe his opponent, governor mitt romney. he was talking to "rolling stone". the president was told that the editor's 6-year-old was pulling for him. the president responded for him, you know, kids have got instinct. they look at the other guy and say, well, that is a bser, i can tell. except the president did not use the bse. he used whole thing. ed henry is traveling with the president in tampa. what can you tell us about this and everything else out there? >> reporter: bs, let's go to ed henry now? martha: exactly. >> reporter: the president is behind me, just started speaking here in tampa. bottom line i think it is probably slightly blunter, more direct way i've been hear from the president day after day out here in the battleground states. he is trying to make a direct, personal charge, directed right at republican mitt romney in these final days that you simply can not trust him. he is flip-flopping too much. in the "rolling stone" interview the president said in 2008, i said i reform wall street, i would increase pell grants and do all these things.
to build on team romney's momentum. that is how it started last night. this morning we end. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to friday edition of "america's newsroom." martha is out. >> i'm jamie colby out for martha they provided points and issues on zingers and economy and debate decorum. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> with regard to social security, we will not, we will not privatize it. if we listened to governor romney and congressman during the bush years, man where all those seniors would be now if there money had been in the market. their ideas are old and their ideas are bad and they eliminate the guaranty of medicare. >> here he is the problem. they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggybank for obamacare. >> usually when there is a crisis we pull together. we pull together as a nation. as i said, even before we knew what happened to the ambassador the governor was holding a press conference, was holding a press
? >> 14% is the number. 23 million is the number quoted by governor romney during the debate. it is a grim employment situation any which way you slice it. bill: but now you're still now below the big number. you're below 8%. so to the politics on this now? >> that is where some of the mistrust comes in. how convenient the rate drops below 8% first time in 43 months, five weeks before the election. there is some mistrust of these numbers along with the contradiction between 873,000 people found work, only 114,000 new jobs. mistrust of this report. bill: on that point it will be interesting to see how president obama plays this in fairfax, virginia later today. how mitt romney responds. he is in virginia, southwestern part of the state. also in florida. >> i suspect the president will play it big, we're going in the right direction. look at this 7.8%. how governor romney will respond i don't know. bill: stuart, 9:20 a.m.. this will pop up again. martha: let's get context of this. back in december 2007, when the recession began the unemployment rate was 5%. in october of 2009, that is the pe
2012. we go to ohio as governor romney looks to build momentum in that state that could make-or-break his white house bid. there was a huge 10% divide in ohio not long ago. it has tightened. with know republican ever has won the presidency without carrying ohio. last night estimated 12,000 supporters, crowded an ohio parking lot to hear governor romney speak. >> i've been watching some of the, president obama's rallies and they chant four more years, four more years and today there are 28 days before the election. i think the right chant ought to be for them, four more weeks, four more weeks. all right? [cheers and applause] and with an audience like this -- >> four more weeks. four more weeks. four more weeks. four more weeks. four more weeks. >> you got the idea. you got the idea. martha: john roberts is traveling with the romney campaign. he is in mount vernon, ohio, this morning. john, how are things looking? a lot of big changes in the numbers we're seeing in ohio? >> reporter: certainly a big change this weather too. all the beautiful summer days are gone. we've got col
for theritweek in white house. governor romney president obama set to face off of second of three debates. polling shows the race is neck-and-neck before voters head to the polls. big welcome back to martha here in "america's newsroom". martha: thank you. bill: had a great weekend? martha: we did. we did. watched every second of that debate. quite interesting all of the aftermath. i'm martha maccallum. we have two no polls show governor romney leading the president by two points. look at gallup. this is likely voters. governor romney holds the advantage of 49-47. the result is mirrored by the "rasmussen poll". bill: tomorrow night the momentum may shift again. john roberts kicking things off live in new york. welcome back to new york, john. what is the expectation tuesday night? >> reporter: the romney campaign says the governor is in it to win it. though they do not expect he would get the same margin of victory he was perceived to get urge during the first presidential debate. the task is make momentum going and make sure he doesn't do anything to blunt that he will talk about his own p
by mitt romney and disavowed by the white house has been relocated to washington. bill: interesting. hillary clinton was in lima, peru on the eve of debate number two. martha has more. martha: senator john mccain also taking issue with what secretary clinton is saying about libya. putting out a statement with fellow republican senators kelly ayotte. this is laudable gesture what you hillary clinton heard her say, begin the quote again. especially when the white house is trying to avoid any responsibility what every sew. the security of americans serving our nation everywhere in the world is ultimately the job of the commander-in-chief. the buck stops there, says senator mccain. and he will be guest this morning. we'll speak with him at 9:30 in "america's newsroom". we'll talk about whether the white house or the national security team there missed the warning signs in benghazi. that is ahead in a couple of minutes. >>> this fox news alert now. the presidential candidates ready for round two in their debate series with only three weeks to go from today. 21 days away, folks. tonight i
governor romney speak. >> i've been watching some of the, president obama's rallies and they chant four more years, four more years and day there are 28 days the taneio reks,ouo weeks. all right? [cheers and applause] and with an audience like this -- >> four more weeks. four more weeks. ure s.ore weeks. u hedea. martha: john roberts is traveling with the romney campaign. he is in mount vrnon, ohio, this morning. john, how are things looking? a lot of big changes in the numbers we're seeing in ohio? >> rteertaly a geisthto bifmm 'votldnd rain. the battle for ohio is on, martha. the "real clear politics" average has the race within a point and governor romney certainly has a lot of momentum comin out of the debate. will be viting fr esto ois cagnng r thek eck well on the stump with governor chris christie of new jersey who so boldly predicted a couple sundays ago that after the debate the race would be turned on his head. d magorsi lls,hie ob en sis o e mr. president you have lived inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue for four years. if you can't change washington from inside the white house,
terror plots involved new york city as its target. martha: back to politics now. governor romney continuing his surge in the polls, expanding his lead mopping likely voters in a key national poll this morning. let's take a look at the gallup daily tracking poll which finds the republican presidential nominee leading president obama by six poiptsd, 51-45. the governor's lead is well outside the poll's margin of error which is two%. fox news contributor karl rove had this to say. >> this is the first time that romney has hit 50% in the gallup likely voter poll and, the president has never hit 50% in the likely voter poll. and no candidate who has led in mid-october with 50% or nor in the likely voter poll has ever gone on to lose. martha: keep this in mind, this poll was taken before tuesday's presidential debate. we'll have to see if those numbers tighten or change a bit based on people's reaction to that. bill: a lot of times folks tell us give us three days. three days of polling to get an accurate figure. that is friday afternoon at least probably into saturday and sunday and w
will monitor the storm in the white house. the romney team dropping fund-raising e-mails up and down the east coast. over the next two hours we will talk to the voters of this critical state, especially in the southwestern part of the state and talk about why ohio could be the most critical battleground state of 2008, martha. martha: you about first, bill, team fox coverage on this monster storm. rick leventhal live in point pleasant beach, new jersey, maria molina tracking storm in the extreme weather center. let's get started with wrik on the shore where the effects of sandy are just beginning to be femt. good morning, rick. >> reporter: good morning, martha. conditions deteriorating here. my rain suit covered with sand and as sandy starts to reach the jersey shore. this town is under mandatory evacuation order. this is not barrier island but officials were worried because they expected surge to be significant. you can see the water reaching this pier out on the beach. local authorities went door-to-door yesterday telling residents to get out. they say most of the residents did heed the war
'm martha maccallum. the romney campaign is joining this growing chorus of lawmakers. senator john mccain saying the administration's response was inept and ignorant and susan rice blaming it on a spontaneous protest was inexcusable. >> it's either willful ignorance or abysmal ignorance to think people come to spontaneous demonstrations with mortars and heavy weapons pant attack goes on for hours. bill: both sides are complaining. governor romney's team says the white house is still getting its story mixed up. >> reporter: democrats say republicans are politicizing the tragic attack that cost of life of four americans. the republicans say the white house is cover ugging up the details for political reasons. here is axlerod. >> the president called it an act of terror the day after it happened. but when you are the responsible party, when you are the administration and you have a responsibility to act on what you know and what the intelligence community believed. >> reporter: actually it was several days after the benghazi attack before the white house called it terrorism and that came aft
on their questions and preparing for anything that could be thrown at them. governor romney says he believes tomorrow's debate is about more than just wing or losing. >> people want to know who is going to win and who is going to score the punches and make the biggest difference in the arguments they make. and there will be the scoring of the wing and losing. in my view of it's not so much the wing and losing and the president and myself. it's about something bigger than that. bill: good morning you, bob. you believe romney has to be aggressive without looking desperate. explain. >> he has got to land some punches and show a lot of energy. i'm sure he will have a lot of stats against the president. i'm sure you will heart last 43 months we have had unemployment more than 8%. but he's got to be aggressive and come pout swinging. this is the most important night of mitt romney's life. bill: he talked about something bigger than that, and that's a path forward for america. he talked about a choice. you can go one way or come follow me. >> i think the president will be staying the course. saying the econ
mitt romney is back on a full campaign schedule this morning on this wednesday. he is heading to one of the biggest battleground states with several events planned across florida, a state where polls show a neck and neck race with president obama. john roberts is live this morning in coral garrelses. john, how do you think the storm influenced governor romney's campaigning and the message he is on right now? >> reporter: the influence was actually major yesterday when he set aside his campaign and did a storm relief event. today will be more subtle. he has a full list of campaign events in tampa. he comes to miami. goes to jacksonville later on in the day. here is where the change will be. the message will be about real recovery on day one with, his closing argument. very much focused on the positive. he will not be hitting the president to the same degree as he has in the past because the president still involved in the storm recovery. romney campaign turned what should have been a political event to relief event. governor outside of dayton, thanking them for thinking about fellow a
obama and governor romney though, sharpening their knives and getting ready for the third and last debate, the last showdown before voters head to the polls. they had a few laughs last night, didn't they? martha: they were pretty funny, both of them. bill: good morning on a friday. i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. both sides are campaigning in critical swing states prepping for the big foreign policy debate that happens monday night. they had a little bit of fun last night. some people humor rouse jobs at themselves and others. that appeared at the new york city al smith charity dinner. >> i'm pleased that the president is here. we were chatting pleasantly this evening as if tuesday night never happened [laughing] i credit that of course to the cardinal. he is, it's taken new york's highest spiritual authority to get us back on our best behavior. i was actually hope the president would bring joe biden along this evening because he will laugh at anything. [laughter] [applause] >> in less than three weeks voters in states like ohio, virginia and florida wi
. we expect him to make a statement today. governor romney, 90 minutes from now in daytona, ohio, actually kettering, ohio, south of dayton. he will be at a donation site to raise money and other goods for people back in the state of pennsylvania and new york and all parts in between. the campaigns politically have been suspended for the moment as we sit here in the heart of the battleground state in columbus, ohio, seven days away from this important national election. martha: right you are, bill. about connecticut and about the north shore of long island. that story remains to be told this morning. we're going to work on getting pictures from there as soon as we can. so many people living without power. millions across the northeast are trying to cope without electricity. so far they're patient. but how much longer will that go on? we will see. we'll be right back with more, live coverage in "america's newsroom.". my new hearing aids changed my life. i feel so much younger. my husband was able to hear little things again, like the laughter of our grandkids. it's amazing. i can
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)